Loan Against Property

Let us understand exactly what is loan against property. It is a loan that is provided by banks and the financial institutions for business and personal use as a mortgage loan. One needs to provide its property value against the value of loan.

Need for Loan Against Property

A loan against your property can be taken for various purposes. One can need it for various purposes like weddings, renovation of house or to fuel its venture with capital investment. There can be several reasons depending on an individual. It is a very safe loan lending for financial institutions and banks as they collateral the property.

In India, many salaried people opt for this loan as it caters their needs. People even take it for their child educational expenses, medical expenses and so on. This loan is easy to avail as it is secure in nature. Banks and institutions decide a margin while giving this loan against property. Loan against property is a way to accomplish your goals and get a financial aid.


Application Procedure

Now, applying for loan against property is not a problem anymore. We at Fast Credit helps you with your application with our numerous partnered banks. We have various banks with us who give this loan facility. We help you in choosing the best for you.

You can do proper research based on various factors and we make it possible for you to fulfill your dreams using investment. You just need to get connected with us and we assist you with application process.

Eligibility Factors for Loan


If you are a salaried employee then your income must match their criteria and most of the banks will ask for the salary slips of last three months.

Employment Proof

You need to submit your employment proofs with them like a letter should able to suffice them and ITR returns submission is also required.

Credit Score

You credit score is really important for loan against property. Banks pull out your credit score to determine your credit history.


The one who takes loan must meet the minimum age criteria i.e. 21 years

Getting a loan is no more a hassle now. You do not need to go to different banks and branches for application of loan. Do your research with us and we act as a one stop solution for you. Contact us for further details and documentation process. Fast Credit will be happy to serve you with its services.

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